Amanda and Daniel found us through one of our spring wedding clients. From our phone conversation alone we could tell they were an awesome couple and we were stoked to meet them. We’ve been wanting to do an LA shoot for a while now and they were totally down - even with the drive from San Diego and back. Anything for great photos they said. We love them already.

A perk of working in LA is lots of great coffee, so we picked Blue Bottle as our meeting spot. After some good caffeine and conversation, we hit up the surrounding areas to see what it had for us.

It certainly delivered! Diverse landscapes, colorful walls, city views with hints of nature throughout, we used it all up from one stop to the next. The light was great, and so were Amanda and Daniel. People as charming and joyful and head-over-heels in love as these two look beautiful anywhere, but we sure are glad they let LA be their backdrop this time.

Their wedding is in San Diego at the end of the year, and after this fun engagement shoot we couldn’t be more excited. Thanks Daniel and Amanda for being so great together and so down for anything - qualities that will serve you well in the present and beyond. See you in December!