Wade and Beatriz are great together. They’re adventurous, fun, smart, have tons in common, are crazy in love and can’t wait to marry each other. Chemistry as big as theirs deserved a dynamic photo spot. We found it in the mountains and the results are epic.

Finding a person you can do everything with, say anything to, be who you are and be loved and love back is a gift to say the least. To be counting down the days until you can vow to that person among all you hold dear, that you will love them and choose them forever is the sweetest time of excitement and hope. Being around Wade and Beatriz in all their betrothed glory makes you feel it, too. The love they have, their excitement to be together, their readiness for anything, this is the good stuff of life. And photos.

We, too, are counting down the days until April 22, because celebrating with these two is gonna be fun.

Thanks Wade and B!