We’re so stoked whenever a good friend gets engaged. Someone we’ve cared about for years finding the one they’ll spend the rest of their years with is some of the best news we could receive. 

Whenever there is a debate with said friends on whether they want us to attend (“enjoy”) their wedding versus photographing it, almost always our vote is the latter. Being the photographers at a friend’s wedding gives us front row seats to their best day ever. We couldn’t enjoy that privilege more!

Brittany Fenwick has been one of my favorite people since our college days. Someone with such beauty and personality, kindness and sass, craziness and class, and the ability to love so fiercely makes for one awesome roommate and friend. Our days living under the same roof are forever some of my best. The thought of her becoming someone’s wife, Ben’s wife, has given me so much joy for the both of them.

The story of how Brittany and Ben were brought together with completely perfect timing and ease is really special. If you need to be reminded that there is hope, that love is powering this planet, that God has the best things in store for you, just hold on and believe, please ask Ben and Brittany about their story.

Their engagement shoot in Malibu couldn’t have been a better representation of their relationship. Easy, natural, sweet. We love this couple and we love their photos.

And we’re counting down the days until they make this beautiful thing official in June!

Congrats to the future Mr. & Mrs. Park.