Proposals may be the best, but trickiest, events to photograph. When Caleb first contacted me about proposing to his girlfriend Ashley on the beach in Laguna, we immediately went into scheming mode. Tide charts, sunset times, crowd management, exact proposal locations and how to remain hidden while photographing it all were subjects we covered over multiple phone calls. We even met once at the location a couple days prior in order to plan it out as best we could. 

Once the day arrived for Caleb to pop the question, I don’t think I’ve ever been more nervous before a shoot. Despite getting to the beach early and setting up a blanket and umbrella to hide myself and my equipment, I was still convinced Ashley was going to see me and wonder what was going on. Fortunately she never saw me, and Caleb was able to walk and talk with her as if it was just an ordinary day together spent exploring a gorgeous beach. 

But it wasn’t just an ordinary day. It was about to become the biggest day of both their lives. With a beautiful, timeless pearl ring hidden in a shell, Caleb walked Ashley over to the sea wall and proceeded to ask her the most important question she’d ever been asked. With tears, hugs, laughter and kisses, she said yes. It was moving, extraordinary, and once in a lifetime. 

After the proposal, we hung out on the beach as I continued to photograph them and their radiant joy. A few of Ashley’s relatives and friends eventually joined us on the beach to smother them with hugs and words of celebration. 

Thank you Caleb & Ashley for allowing me to witness this amazing milestone in your lives and photograph it all. I hope the photos help you preserve this day in your memories forever. Can’t wait to see all that lies ahead for you two!