Just when I’m tempted to pull the plug on Facebook, it connects me with someone I otherwise may not have connected with. I grew up in Nashville and attended school with the incredibly sweet McMeen family. Through Facebook they knew I was a wedding photographer in California. When they reached out to us about Rachael marrying a California boy and moving out West, we were thrilled to be available to shoot their San Clemente wedding.

Rachael told us via email she was marrying Christian Husband, and we were admittedly a little skeptical. That was a new name to us, but a legit name nonetheless. When we met Christian, it was clear not only was his name legit, it legitimately suited him. He’s warm, genuine, kind, down to earth, and yes, He loves God and people and his bride like his name implies he would, a smile on his face all the while.

And what’s not to love about his bride? A true beauty inside and out, Rachael exudes light and love to everyone around her. Kind, gentle, considerate and sweet, she’s one of the most selfless brides we’ve ever worked with. She’s worthy of the Christian Husband she would call her own, and a treasure and a gift to him. 

Christian and Rachael met on a mission trip in Mexico, a place where they both had spent much time serving. He from California and her from Tennessee, they each are fluent in Spanish and had been fulfilling a calling to serve people not just in Mexico but anywhere they were. They walk the walk and talk the talk, and God brought them to each other to do so together.

Their wedding was held at the breathtaking Casa Romantica, an oceanside estate and gem of San Clemente. Elegant and minimal, the vibe and design was simply and beautifully stated with a Spanish feel, just how Rachael and Christian preferred. Beloved family and friends from California, Tennessee and all over gathered to enjoy the surroundings and the couple whose sincere love brought them there.

The day-long celebration was a family affair to remember. Rachael’s younger brother performed a heartfelt ceremony, and her other younger brother sang worship songs, all with a Pacific Ocean backdrop. Rachael’s two sisters stood by her side as she married a man standing by his two brothers, as well. The reception was filled with appropriate “Husband” name jokes and the best sibling toasts we’ve heard to date. Vibrant and authentic Mexican fans and coasters were given to the guests as favors to keep and be reminded of a couple who loves them dearly, a couple whose love for God and each other and everyone else is sure to change the world.

Congratulations, Rachael and Christian on an absolutely amazing wedding day. Witnessing it all was a blessing. We’re happy to have you on our blog, on the West Coast, and as fellow human beings giving the word “Husband” (and wife) a good name.