Sometimes people find love, other times love finds them. Karin and Darren’s is a story of love that sought and fought and believed and redeemed, even when it seemed like it wasn’t written in the stars. But when we look to the stars beyond what our eyes can see to the Creator of them all, we see there is no limit to where love will go and what it will do. Love is the most powerful thing we’ll ever know. 

Karin’s was a life of singleness. A good life of faithfulness but one lived alone. Darren’s was a life of loss. A good life of faithfulness but one where death changed the course it had known. Trust in their Creator gave hope needed to press on. When love knocked on their doors, it was met with a joy and a peace and a gratefulness that is sure to see them through whatever roads they’ll walk together. Love is the sweetest gift we’ll ever know. Karin and Darren will testify to that.

Plus, their names rhyme. Need I say more?

No, but I will. Because Karin was a shining light of beauty and grace and giddiness on her wedding day. A woman who thought she may never be a bride is the best bride of all. She exuded loveliness shown only by the most grateful of hearts.

Darren was as handsome and grateful as grooms come, as well. And not just because he was a male model in earlier years. The new life and love he was to celebrate with his beautiful bride turned mourning into joy, and it showed. Joy looks good on everyone, model or not. 

Newport Beach gave a perfect day per usual fashion. The ceremony and reception held at the Oasis Senior Center was adorned with lights, white flowers and Hawaiian greenery and peach-hued hints, a tribute to Darren’s current residence of Kauai where Karin will now call home. When marriage includes a move to Hawaii, a forever honeymoon is rightfully assumed. Karin and Darren are a most deserving couple. Love is the sweetest gift, indeed.

We join Mr. and Mrs. Coté in rejoicing over this blessed union! When we look to the stars, may we all see brilliance and hope.