Photography has proven to be a great profession for 1) meeting new people and 2) seeing new places. We’re grateful for all our clients, and especially grateful when they’re ready and able to venture beyond their daily surroundings to discover new terrain.

Jessie and Dillon were down for the latter for their engagement session. We discussed our visions and decided on Vasquez Rocks. None of us had ever been, but in search for somewhere different, somewhere geometrically and visually out of the norm, what little we knew about this spot fit the bill.

It was love at first sight of Vasquez Rocks. Dramatic larger-than-life landscapes. Gigantic rock formations to make you feel small and awe. It was other-worldly, and we were right to feel like we were on another planet, since many filmmakers have used this place to make others feel the same. 

The rainy forecast made for cloudy (but dry) skies, and the occasional breakthroughs of light were welcomed changes to the mood. Even the cold worked in our favor, as Dillon stayed close to Jessie to keep her safe and warm. 

By the way, Dillion and Jessie are proof you don’t have to be models to look good in front of a camera. Pick a great location, a great outfit (how much does Jessie’s red dress POP), and a person who makes you feel great no matter what, and your photos are golden. Even on an overcast day. 

Shout-out to California for scenic diversity that never disappoints. And thanks to Dillon and Jessie for a fun and adventurous shoot. We are stoked for your wedding this summer and to see what Carlsbad has for us.