It only takes spending one minute with Jacob and Jasmine, or even just seeing one photo of them, to tell that together is where they are meant to be. Chemistry so natural and evident makes life, and photos, pretty darn fun. 

Anyone familiar with LA traffic knows a drive from Redondo Beach to Malibu is never as close as a map suggests. Fortunately for me, that made for plenty of time to hear Jacob and Jasmine’s story while we carpooled to the photo site. Couples like them are why we can’t help but enjoy the romantic, timeless, to-good-to-be-true rom-com. They prove true love isn’t reserved for movies, that it’s as real as can be. Loving someone so much for who they are, loving them more than yourself, and accepting that they love you the same, this is the love they have. This is the love that lasts for life.

Their photo shoot had all the terrains. Mountains with greenery and post-fire plains. Ocean next to smooth rocks and boulders to climb. They stood in valleys low and dry; they sat among views vast and high. Steady, beautiful, and above all else, together, they remained. A precursor to their full life ahead. So much to look forward to and experience side by side.

Thanks, Jacob and Jasmine, for letting us witness and photograph your effortless love. We’re stoked for your April wedding day at a venue we know and love too, Smoky Hollow Studios.