We love the love Brooke and Jesse have. It’s sweet and lively and true. With the beauty and freshness of Spring in full bloom, their wedding was the perfect way to welcome the new season. A day full of love and all life’s good things was in store. The richest of new beginnings had arrived.

Brooke and her girls planned accordingly with a slow-paced morning to prepare for the day, matching jammies, Starbucks runs and the movie Bridesmaids in the mix. Brooke was calm each step of the way, but as time drew near and anxiety tugged, I asked how she was doing. She took a deep breathe and said, “I just want to see Jesse. When I see him everything will be fine.” These are words the best brides say.

Jesse and the guys, post In N Out and hang time of their own, were in the venue’s groom’s room. I checked in with Jesse, whose excitement you could see and feel, and his response mirrored Brooke’s. “I can’t believe I get to marry her today. I can’t wait to see her.” Couples like them have it all, including the best weddings.

The Secluded Garden Estate in Temecula was delightfully green, with rocks, hills, trees and a frame of mountains all around. It was the perfect backdrop for Brooke in her breathtaking gown, and for two people oh so in love to say I do. A breeze swayed through white curtains, majestic mountains in the foreground, full-leaved trees above and on all sides. The wedding procession walked down a long stone staircase, and no one will forget the vision that was Brooke, white roses and her father’s arm in hand, a bright smile on her face as she walked towards her best friend, Jesse, equally glowing and in awe. Their love, God’s love, and the love from everyone present made the ceremony complete, with the best of celebrations to follow.

Long white tables topped with candles and more green, a treat yo’self table for donuts, a bar for home-grown Kombucha, Lucille’s BBQ for dinner and lights strewn above, these were the makings of one fabulous reception. The dances were our favorite part, father-daughter, mother-son and Jesse and Brooke’s first dance, to the perfect song we are still listening to, all these scenes left no dry eyes. The dancing and dining and fun continued all the way to the end of a petal-confetti send off. It was love and life and what wedding dreams are made of. It was RICH to say the least!

Jesse and Brooke, congratulations to a day well done and a love done right. We are so happy to have witnessed it all and wish you all the best.

*Enjoy this cover of “I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)” by Sleeping at Last, Brooke and Jesse’s first dance song.


Venue - Secluded Garden Estate

Dress - The Wedding Day

Makeup - Allison Escalante Makeup

Hair - Hallie Reece

Flowers - Cheryl Perez

Floral Arrangements and Arch - Emma Wysocki

DJ - DJ Productions