A few weeks ago I experienced Joshua Tree for the first time. It’s a special spot for Jesse and Leah and a location must for their engagement shoot. We carpooled to avoid taking two cars from Orange County on the 2.5 hour drive. I had only met them once before, so the trip could have been either awkward or an opportunity to get to know each another before taking a single photo. I’m happy to say it was definitely the latter. 

We talked the entire drive there and back about how they met, their relationship, my relationship, our faith, our churches and many other things. The conversation was so steady that I don’t recall ever turning music on, which is especially odd since Jesse is an incredible musician/composer and Leah loves it too. See how much I know about them?

Most apparent from our conversation and photo shoot is their deep and genuine love. They may be young but their love is not. It’s strong and mature. It’s love that doesn’t just make them feel good but grateful. Grateful to have each other and grateful for their relationship with God and the ambitions He’s given them. They are grateful for the now and all that is to come because they’ll be side by side.

Jesse and Leah, it was a pleasure getting to know you and taking your pictures. Your love is a blessing for anyone who gets a glimpse of it. We can’t wait to photograph it in all its glory on the biggest day of your lives!