Kristo and Leah are the type of couple you dream of working with. They’re kind, creative, photogenic and adventurous. From my first conversation with Leah, it was clear she and Kristo loved traveling and the outdoors. She mentioned she had scouted a gorgeous location for engagement photos and asked if I was okay with a 30 minute hike. My immediate response was “of course” and my excitement grew.

Once we parked at the location and began our hike, I could see we were in for something special. There was no one around except a group of hikers doing the Pacific Rim trail and the weather was perfect - sunny but cool with just the right amount of wind to create unique photos. I knew it was an unreal engagement shoot when I couldn’t help but laugh and say “I can’t believe this” between each shot. 

As the photos show, Leah and Kristo and this location delivered. We love everything about it, all because this couple was willing to go the extra mile(s) and do something different. We’re stoked to shoot their San Diego wedding this fall.. you could say our hopes are high!

Thank you Leah and Kristo for your fun and adventurous spirits. Congrats again and we’ll see you in September!