We love being photographers, and when we get to photograph new people in new places it’s the ultimate. New York isn’t a place we visit often, so getting to shoot Matt and Ellen where they live in Brooklyn was a welcomed change of scenery for our California-filled portfolio.

Photographing couples in a big city is always fun. As much as we love vast, epic landscapes, places like New York offer a completely different environment to contextualize the love between two people. The energy, creativity and diversity of a city provide a great setting for a couple to bring out the same in each other. No two people are exactly alike, no two buildings are exactly alike. You could search the world for an identical love story and never find it. Love, so unique and profound, shares only the trait that it’s needed and can exist everywhere. Photographing that truth is a privilege, in the Big Apple and beyond.

We met up with Matt and Ellen in the DUMBO district of Brooklyn. Though we usually like to get to know our clients for a bit before a shoot, time and light limited us to a quick introduction before jumping right in. Matt and Ellen’s friendly personalities and easy chemistry made photo taking in an unfamiliar place feel as natural as can be. Love can and does exist everywhere, it just needs two people to make it come alive. Having someone lucky enough to be there with a camera only proves and shares the magic with the world.

Our photo session was short and sweet and lasted as long as sunset would allow. Sometimes less is more, and in the time we had to run around the city we got all the shots needed to show the love between Matt and Ellen in the place they call home. 

Thanks Matt and Ellen for sharing your love with us and everyone around you. Whether in the city or somewhere new, may it light up the whole place and make itself known!