Meeting lots of new people is one of the perks of our job. A good photographer can work with anyone, but its a huge bonus when the client-photographer chemistry is there. 

Right away we knew working with Miles and Christina would be a breeze. They are super friendly and laid back, and even in a non-business setting we’d want to be their friends. Our meetings tend to take 45 minutes to an hour, so when we had to cut this one off after an hour and a half, that was a good sign.

In addition to being fun and easygoing, Miles and Christina are passionate people who are working in the fields they love. Christina is great with kids and is a first grade teacher. Miles is a freelance automative journalist who reviews brand new cars and motorcycles for various publications. Both Miles and Christina have dedicated themselves to professions where they thrive, and that says a lot about their character. 

They didn’t settle for less in their careers, and the same applies for their relationship. They grew up in the same hometown and were friends in high school, even attending Senior Homecoming as a pair. But it wasn’t until after college they knew they were meant to be, 27 years in the making. The love they share is confident and true and will be the foundation of a great life. Good things come to those who wait, who know what they want, and go for it.

Their LA engagement shoot gives a glimpse of their genuine, effortless love and why we can’t wait for their wedding this fall! Thanks, Miles and Christina, for letting us be your photographers and friends.