Patrick and Carli are a dreamboat couple. They’re so fully in love and so fun to be around with loads of people who love them (when your wedding party is 24 people deep, that says a lot). Their wedding day was a perfect reflection of them, full of love, fun and variety in sunny San Diego, a place near and dear to their hearts.

Our favorite first look might be theirs. After getting ready with their favorites all morning, after all the planning and anticipation of this day, finally the bride and groom got to see each other. Their friends were nearby and almost as excited as they were. Carli in her stunning dress walked down a long covered archway to meet Patrick, who turned around overjoyed with tears at the sight of his bride. It’s how dreamboat couples do first looks, and we’re here for it.

Balboa Park was a beautiful location for pre ceremony photos and the ceremony itself. From tree-covered bridges to ornate arena columns, the setting was great for Patrick and Carli and all their friends to be together and take photos as the ceremony approached. The ceremony was held in a lush, spacious park with palm trees and a view. Their loved ones gathered together there to witness Patrick and Carli begin forever as Mr. and Mrs. Roe. 

For a change of scenery, the reception was held in downtown San Diego’s Luce Loft. Gorgeous plants and candles decorated the tables and donuts (Roenuts!) and bratwurst (a shoutout to Carli’s German heritage) fed the guests. Dancing and drinks kept the night lively and fun. The dreamboat couple who planned their dream wedding day were celebrated well from start to a glow stick sendoff finish. 

Congrats Patrick and Carli! We’re so glad to know you Roe’s and to be a part of your perfect day.