You know that pair of soccer shorts you borrowed from a friend from school and never returned? After a decade or so, they’re officially (and legally) yours. But you’re forever aware that they’re a borrowed item whenever you put them on or see them in your drawer.

That pair of soccer shorts was in my possession, until a few weeks ago when out of the blue I was contacted by my college friend, Peter. Peter and I went to UCSD and played intramural soccer together all 4 years. At some point I needed to borrow a pair of shorts, so Peter gave me a nice Adidas pair. He probably asked for them back a time or two, and I probably intended to return them. Who knew that more than 10 years would go by before I actually did.

Peter recently found me on social media and saw that I was a photographer in Southern California. He contacted me about taking engagement photos for him and his fiancé, Krissy. They met in grad school at Notre Dame and are getting married in South Carolina next month, and wanted to take pictures while in California now. It was great to hear from him and I was happy to oblige. I didn’t mention it beforehand, but I hadn’t forgotten about his soccer shorts and was stoked to be able to give them back.

I met Peter and Krissy in Newport and had the soccer shorts in hand when I walked up to greet them. It took Peter a few seconds to remember, but once it clicked we had a really good laugh. After all these years, he finally got his shorts back. 

The engagement shoot was great. Peter and Krissy were naturals and we took advantage of California’s perfect sunset scenes and light. It was fun catching up with an old friend and meeting his future bride. I wish them all the best and a great time at their Southern summer wedding!