We love engagement sessions. They help us get to know a future wedding client couple better and serve as a warm up for photo taking on their big day. Whether you want a rad photo book for guests to sign or some images to remember what your love looked like in those sweet fiancé days, we always recommend em.

We were extra excited to work with Peter and Phaezah for their engagement shoot when they said they were down to drive a little further to a spot we’ve been saving for a fun couple like them. After caravanning down several windy, bumpy locals-only type dirt roads, the places we discovered were goldmines. Pair a perfect location with two people totally in love and ready to do life together (and photo-ready) and the results are what you see here: portfolio worthy pictures we’re sure to see again. 

And if it happens to be where the Parent Trap was filmed that’s simply a bonus. And the only clue we’ll give.

Thanks for making the drive and spending the day with us, Peter and Phaezah! So stoked for your wedding next fall.