Our final wedding of the summer was Tommy and Kristen’s. What a perfect day to close out the sunniest season to celebrate love.

We’ve seen a lot of weddings, and we’ve learned there are a few components that make a wedding great: 2 people in love ready to be together forever, a celebration with who they love most, where they love most, details unique to them, whether simple or elaborate, a bonus.

Based on our standards, Tommy and Kristen’s wedding had it all. They couldn’t be more in love or more ready to be husband and wife. They love the people in their lives and made sure everyone was included: close family for their beachfront ceremony in Laguna Beach, and close friends and family again for their backyard reception held at the home where Tommy grew up. Their best friends were by their side from start to finish. Wherever the bride and groom were there were sparks. The day was simply beautiful, just like their love. And that’s what made it great. 

It was their big day and they made it their own. It honored the love they have for each other, for their people, for the ocean and for home. Now that they’re married, they are home forever. All other details are just a bonus.

Tommy and Kristen, congratulations on a wedding that was great and a life together that’s sure to follow suit! We loved getting to be a part of it all and wish you all the best.