We met Zach and Tracy through a past wedding client couple we love. By association alone we already liked them, and when we met them face to face we learned just how likable they are. Zach is funny, Tracy is sweet, and they’re both super easy going and fun to be around. They’re crazy about each other too and it shows. Perfect pairs like them have the best of celebrations when it comes to starting a life together.

Marina Village in San Diego was the setting, and the weather was just right. Not too hot, not too cold, not too bright or cloudy. Zach and Tracy planned a first look by the water on a path lined with trees. Meeting with them separately showed they each were ready and excited to see each other and begin this much anticipated day. They were just the right amount of nervous and calm and as peaceful as the scene surrounding.

When Zach turned to see his bride for the first time his eyes filled with tears. Tracy’s did too as they met on the path and gave the sweetest embrace. They held hands and laughed and chatted in a moment that was just theirs. Then the fun began where we all got to share in their joy.

Photos with family and friends followed a ceremony that was short and sweet and not lacking in happy tears. Even after a first look Zach couldn’t help but cry at the sight of his bride walking towards him down the aisle. Vows they had written to each other were exchanged, proving again as our first impression did that they are truly in love. After some romantic photos and first moments as Mr. and Mrs. Frantz, they were ready to join the people they love and celebrate.

Pink and white roses with vines on the tables, “Frantzy Meeting You” glasses for all to keep, great southwestern food, delicious cupcakes, fun toasts and dancing and drinks by the nicest bartender we’ve ever met filled the room with an ocean view. A celebration with, you guessed it, just the right amount of mellow and hype. The perfect party for a perfect pair, as it always should be.

Congratulations Zach and Tracy! Thanks for letting us witness your sweet summer wedding. The love you share is inspiring and makes us enjoy what we do all the more.